Getting Around Malibu: Las Flores Mesa

Entrance to Las Flores Mesa from Las Flores Road.Copyright
Entrance to Las Flores Mesa from Las Flores Road.

Las Flores Mesa Neighborhood

Las Flores Mesa homes, facing west above Las Flores Road.Copyright
Las Flores Mesa homes, facing west above Las Flores Road.

The area, which saw development begin in the late '50s, is single-family residential. Lots average one acre. Houses are frequently perched along bluffs, down steep hillsides, or in the case of Sierks Way, built on a flat promontory. Homes average around 2,000 square feet in size. However, in the early 1990s, houses ranging in size from 4,000 - 6,500 square feet have been constructed. Most residences have ocean views.

Homes on Sierks Way have lawns but homes on Las Flores Mesa Drive and Eagle Pass Drive are primarily surrounded by natural vegetation. The undeveloped hills provide a wildlife corridor. Because of the steepness of the hillsides, there are acres of privately owned open space.

The downslope side of Las Flores Mesa Drive has experienced movement, primarily surficial sliding, as has Eagle Pass Drive. The roads are privately owned; the homeowners are responsible for maintenance and storm drains. Rainwater from the roads, which either overwhelms the drain or can't enter plugged drains, frequently floods Las Flores Canyon Road.

Sources: Information on this page was adapted from the City of Malibu, General Plan, November 1995

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