Getting Around Malibu: Topanga Beach

Private entrance gate to home on Topanga Beach.Copyright
Private entrance gate to home on Topanga Beach.

Topanga Beach Neighborhood

The intersection of PCH with Topanga Canyon Blvd. is in the midst of a State Park that also includes a commercial zone of long established businesses. The entrance to Topanga State Beach is on the south side of the intersection leading to a sandy beach and the Topanga Creek lagoon. The commercial zone continues west along PCH for a few hundred yards after which a small neighborhood of homes lines the beach side of PCH. The landside is a steep cliff intercepted by Tuna Canyon Road, but no homes.

Homes on Topanga Beach Road, a short street off PCH just west of Topanga Creek.Copyright
Homes on Topanga Beach Road, a short street off PCH just west of Topanga Creek.

After the European Equestrian building, there is a turn onto a short private street, Topanga Beach Road. These are the only houses that are not on PCH itself. Some of the homes along PCH are architecturally quite interesting, such as "The Millennium House" at 18860 PCH.

New Developments at Topanga State Beach

This area is undergoing a radical change. There was once about 85 homes, some shacks and roadside businesses in the area but the property around the PCH/Topanga Canyon intersection and in the lower Topanga Creek watershed is part of a 1,650 acre tract that was owned by the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Under a sale agreement with California Department of Parks and Recreation in 2001, the entire parcel will be added to Topanga State Beach. The existing homes and commercial property will be demolished, the creek and lagoon will be restored, and new parkland and visitor facilities will be developed. The Topanga Ranch Market was torn down in 2005, then Something's Fishy Sushi Restaurant and Ginger Snips hair salon were demolished in the first week of January 2006. The Topanga Ranch Motel, the Reel Inn Restaurant, Oasis Furniture, the Malibu Feed Bin, Wylie's Bait & Tackle must soon be vacated. Residents of remaining homes in the park zone will be getting out in 2006.

Homes on PCH, west of Topanga Beach Road will probably not be affected and may in fact benefit from the new developments.

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