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A view of the rock cliff, sand and surf at the end of Westward Beach, Point Dume.  This spot is a favorite location for movies, TV and commercials.Copyright
A view of the rock cliff, sand and surf at the end of Westward Beach, Point Dume. This spot is a favorite location for movies, TV and commercials.

Malibu Geography: Beaches

Malibu has both sandy beaches, suitable for sunbathing, volleyball, movie sets and long walks, and also rocky beaches, suitable for diving and surfing but hard on the feet if there is anyplace to stand at all. Some beaches are just tide pools, others have surf crashing directly against rock cliffs or huge boulders. In short, Malibu has everything.

Surfrider Beach, early in the morning, looking west from the Malibu Pier.Copyright
Surfrider Beach, early in the morning, looking west from the Malibu Pier.

The sand comes from the outflow of the streams carrying silt down from the canyons, then further sifted and rearranged by the waves and tides. Thus the sandy delta of Malibu Creek, and smaller creeks to a lesser extent, are clearly directly related to the creek's outflow. Other beaches are not so directly correlated with nearby creeks but ultimately owe their existence to the same mechanism. The exact source and distribution, determining what is narrow rock and what is wide sand, may be quite complex and relate to distant sources (eg, the Santa Clara River), storms, tides, breakwaters (natural and artificial) and other factors. It is dynamic, ever changing, driven by forces that are hard to resist.

Directory of Malibu Beaches

Here is a list of Malibu beaches, east to west from Santa Monica to Ventura County Line. All beaches in California are public property "seaward of the mean high tide line". That means you can walk on the most exclusive private beach if you stay in the wet zone and do not trespass on private property. In some areas there are public walkways down to the beach with easy access. In other cases you have to go around private fences and ignore intimidating signs to gain your rightful access to the beach. Make sure you don't stalk or harass anyone while you are there -- that's illegal even on a public beach.

Beach NameLocationAccess
Topanga County Beach18700 Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH)Enter from PCH at Topanga Cyn Blvd.
Las Tunas County Beach19500 PCH vicinityOpen parking along PCH
Big Rock BeachPCH east and west of Big Rock Road1. Between 20338 and 20356 PCH, 2. Between 19958 and 20000 PCH.
Las Flores BeachEast of Las Flores RoadAccess from Las Flores Creek.
La Costa BeachRambla Pacifico to east of Coal CreekProposed at 21724 PCH near Rambla Vista intersection.
Carbon BeachCarbon Canyon Road to east of Malibu Pier along PCH.1. West of 22132 PCH, 2. Zonker Harris Access Way, between 22664 and Windsail on PCH.
Malibu Pier23000 PCHThe 780 ft long pier is open to the public.
Malibu Surfrider County Beach 23200 PCH at Serra RoadEnter parking lot from PCH.
Malibu Lagoon State BeachPCH at Cross Creek RoadEnter parking lot from PCH.
Malibu BeachSeaward of Malibu Colony1. West from Malibu Lagoon State Beach, 2. East from Amarillo Beach.
Amarillo BeachSeaward of Malibu Road between Colony and Puerco Beach1. Between 24314 and 24320 Malibu Road, 2. Between 24434 and 24436 Malibu Road.
Puerco BeachEast of Puerco Creek and west to Corral Creek, along Malibu Road and PCH1. Between 24572 and 24604 Malibu Road, 2. West of 24712 at Puerco Creek, 3. Between 25116 and 25120 Malibu Road, 4. Open access west of 25446 Malibu Road, the west end of Malibu Road, and nearby PCH.
Corral Beach (Dan Blocker County Beach)26000 PCHOpen parking along PCH
Latigo BeachSeaward of Latigo Shore DriveLatigo Shore Drive, just off PCH
Escondido BeachSeaward of Escondido Beach Road1. At Escondido Creek and PCH, between Malibu Cove Colony Drive and Escondido Beach Road, 2. Steep stairs between 27400 and 27420 PCH just west of Geoffrey's Malibu.
Paradise Cove BeachParadise CovePrivate parking available at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, turn off at 28128 PCH, or park on PCH and walk in.
Little Dume BeachPt. Dume, west of Paradise CovePrivate beach. Access along shoreline from Paradise Cove or Big Dume.
Big Dume BeachPt. Dume, west of Little DumePrivate beach. Access along shoreline around the point from Westward Beach.
Westward Beach (Pt. Dume State Beach)Westward Beach RoadState Park Entrance on Westward Beach Road leads to open beach access along beach to end of road.
Zuma Beach County Park30050 PCH, west of Westward BeachLarge public facility with parking and visitor facilities.
Trancas BeachPCH at Trancas Creek and west along Broad Beach Road.At mouth of Trancas Creek.
Broad BeachAlong Broad Beach Road.1. Between 31138 and 31202 Broad Beach Road, 2. Between 31340 and 31346 Broad Beach Road.
Lechuza Beach1040 feet of public beach, west of Broad Beach, east of El Matador1. Broad Beach Road stairway at Bunnie Lane, 2. Sea Level Drive pedestrian gate.

The next three beaches -- El Matador, La Piedra, and El Pescador -- are pocket beaches, part of the Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach including State beaches between Point Dume State Beach and Leo Carrillo State Beach.

Beach NameLocationAccess
El Matador State Beach32215 Pacific Coast HighwayAccess gate on PCH, stairs down to beach.
La Piedra State Beach32628 Pacific Coast Highway at Encinal Canyon RoadAccess gate on PCH, stairs down to beach.
El Pescador State Beach32860 Pacific Coast Highway at Decker Canyon RoadAccess gate on PCH, stairs down to beach.
Nicholas Canyon County Beach33850 PCHParking lot at 33904 PCH.
Leo Carrillo State Beach36000 PCH at Mulholland HighwayParking and other visitor facilities, enter from PCH.
Ventura County Line BeachPCH, west of Yerba Buena RoadOpen access along PCH, across from Neptune's Net.

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